Our Brand

Musk, known for its fragrance and soothing effect, which has been used for cleaning polluted air during the times of epidemics throughout the history and for treatment of several illnesses in some cultures, has inspired us to create our brand.

About Us

Musk Protective Techonology has been developed in Gaziantep to manufacture medical safety equipment in its facility fitted with state-of-the-art machines that will meet the needs of the industry by integrating a management strategy that has taken human health as a philosophy with a reliable quality with service-oriented business experience from the past to the present. In parallel with ongoing investment efforts, it aims to bring new products to the sector by taking steps in the sector with the manufacturing of protective health equipment.

Musk Protective Techonology has taken on the role of an entity that is mindful of its obligations, helping people and community, providing value and enhancing the quality of life, rather than being a merely generating commercial enterprise. To become a preferred brand, often esteemed and valued within the aim even more macro level, like being in a Musk Protective Techonology address, in short, to create added value for the national economy when delivering services to the entire world from Turkey to support the wellbeing of the world and concepts to create value for humanity It has introduced.

Musk Protective Techonology's quality strategy, focused on human wellbeing, science, environmental knowledge and customer service and founded on these four foundations, is the building blocks of the definition of quality. With its infrastructure that generates creative concepts, broad knowledge network following all innovations in the field, management approach and robust control system that adopts and protects all the principles and ideals of its region, Musk Protective Techonology has taken on the task of taking products that are beneficial for human health.

Yol Tarifi Al Hemen Ara